We’ve concentrated mostly on taking videos of the steam tunnels, not pictures, so we don’t actually have many pictures of the steam tunnels themselves. You see, it’s difficult to take photos when you’re actively recording a video. You can find our videos on the Videos page.

The best photos of the tunnels themselves are probably those taken by a Stanford professor and his students. Most of these were taken in the early 2000s. Because of copyright, we cannot feature them on our site; however, we can certainly link you to the photos, which are on his Stanford website.

There are also some pictures of the Stanford Steam Tunnel system in the media, such as this one. Please see the Media page for those links.

We do, however, have photos of all confirmed and unconfirmed (speculative/possible) entrances, which are featured on the Entrances page. Some of the pictures from #1 – #7 are from Maulik’s page. The rest we took ourselves. The numbers correspond to those in the “master PDF”, which you can find on the PDF page. If you can find an open entrance, you can, of course, always take your own photos! If you have any pictures you’d like to share from your underground excursions, please contact us!